Maldives Packing list – Hand luggage only

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Maldives Packing List

With the temperature sticking at a fairly constant 30 degrees, and night-time temperatures not dropping much below 25 degrees, you will need to pack lightweight clothes made from breathable fabrics. Laid-back chic is the name of the game in the Maldives so think floaty fabric, stylish prints, and beautiful sandals.

If you are staying within your resort, dress codes will vary for dinner, so a formal evening outfit is a good idea. And bear in mind that if you are leaving the resort you will need to respect local customs and dress modestly. Topless sunbathing is a no-no.

Jelly shoes are useful for going in the sea to protect your feet from the coral. And if you plan to dive, check with your hotel that divewear is available to hire.

Islamic Dress Code – If you plan on visiting the capital City Male or any of the local islands it’s important that you respect the local Islamic cultures and dress accordingly. When you are in the resorts these rules do not apply.