Maldives Weather Explained

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The Maldives Weather Explained

The Maldives weather can be broken down into three seasons. However, just like the weather  in the UK it’s never the same two year in row or from place to place. The Maldive Islands are about the same length as the UK with as much variation in the Maldives weather as there is in the UK.

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Maldives Weather – Dry Monsoon Season

The dry season runs from January to about early May. This is when the islands get the least amount of rainfall, the winds are generally lower and the waters are calmer. The dates of the dry season aren’t guaranteed than a sunny day in July. Also remember that the driest month, February, sees on average 2 inches of rainfall, which is only slightly less than England which gets 2.4 inches average rainfall in the same month. Dry is a relative term.

Maldives Weather – Wet Monsoon Season

The wet monsoon season is around May to September. This is when it rains. Again, the start and end dates of the wet season aren’t set in stone. What’s also not set in stone is the amount of rainfall, how long the rain lasts or when it falls. There is no pattern: it can rain heavily and continuously for days on end. It could shower heavily then clear up to reveal blue skies and sunshine. It could shower then remain dull and overcast. It may rain at night only or it may rain during the day. Or it may not rain at all for days or even weeks on end. If you’ve booked your holiday during these months, unfortunately no one can tell you what’s going to happen. No one.

Maldives Weather – In between season

The in between season, which I like to call the rainbow season, runs from October to December. Technically the wet monsoon is over and yet if you look at average rainfall figures, it still rains a lot. Really a lot – easily three times the average amount of rainfall in England in the same months. But there’s also a lot of sunshine too and of course it’s a lot warmer than England at the same time of year. Lots of rain plus lots of sunshine equals lots of rainbows, hence the nickname. If you’ve booked your holiday during these months, you need to be aware that there is still a possibility of getting rain, and again, no one can tell you if it’ll be heavy continuous rain, rain showers or no rain at all.